Melissa Joan Hart Lost 40 lbs on Nutrisystem

By Melissa Joan Hart

I didn’t have weight issues very early in life. But as I grew older I started having them. I am married and I have three children. In every pregnancy there were drastic changes in my body weight. This is called as pregnancy weight. Post pregnancy weight is tough to get rid of. But I was very sure of what I wanted. I didn’t want to tell people that I haven’t reduced my pregnancy weight even after my child is ten years old. I started searching for ways to lose weight. It was also important for me to do so because of the nature of job I was in.

I heard about a system called Nutrisystem. My husband’s sister used this diet system and lost weight. This diet system has got great reviews from many people and they have been successful in reducing their weight. It’s an easy system to lose the unwanted fat. It suits my lifestyle also. It’s simple and delicious and to top it all you get variety in this diet system.

I am a person who likes to eat out. I like to look at the menu and select what I want to eat. I am not a kind of person who would shop for grocery items on Monday for a dish that I have to make on Thursday. I like to stock up my freezer and my pantry with all the grocery items in advance. So that I can decide on anything I want to eat. It can be a chicken or a pizza. I love eating pasta. There are so many types of Pasta like Rotini or ravioli. Ravioli is my favorite. If my kids are eating pizza with cheese, I can also have it. And then it’s the dessert, I love chocolate with caramel and ice-cream sandwiches are my favorite. And there is Red Velvet Whoopie pie which is the best. After my third son I gained 60 pounds so I wanted to lose 40 pounds and I just did that very recently.