Marie Osmond Lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem

Marie Osmond--Before and After Nutrisystem

Marie Osmond before and after losing 50 pounds on Nutrisystem

Marie Osmond’s story on how she lost 50 pounds in just four months with Nutrisystem, back in 2007, is one of the biggest real weight loss success stories that have ever been told. More than a decade later, she has maintained her weight and looks fabulous. In one live interview early this year, Marie Osmond, 57, told her weight loss success story crediting a Nutrisystem plan for her 50 pounds weight loss, which led her to become Nutrisystem’s spokesperson. Here is the country music star’s detailed weight loss story.


Marie, who became a household name during the 1970s as a country singer and a co-host of the variety show, Donny, and Marie, began struggling with her body image at age 10 when she started dieting. She says she recalls being called “fat sister.” As the singer’s success grew, she felt more pressure to get thinner. At 14, she was already weighing 110 pounds, and the producers of her show told her she had to lose weight or the show would be canceled. “The producers called me out into a parking lot and told me that if I did not keep food out of my mouth, they would cancel the show. So I went from 110 pounds to 93 pounds,” she says.

She always worried about her weight, trying various methods of weight loss; from diet pills to starving herself for days. She even briefly became bulimic. Marie would later give up dieting when the Donny and Marie show ended in 1979. She gradually gained over 40 pounds due to such bad eating habits as having big meals in the night, eating candy and other snacks, and missing breakfasts. Marie also says that she gained a significant amount of weight after giving birth to her last son. She was working full-time; she often got so worn out, so she ate for energy. “One day I woke up, and realized I was no longer a 2-4, I had become a size 12-14. I could not see it in the mirror, I did not want to,” Marie says. By 2007, the country singer had hit 165 pounds, her highest body weight.

The star believes that a larger part of her weight struggles was as a result of the pressures of the entertainment industry. “That was the era of lollipop heads and Twiggy bodies. You see some Twiggy models, and you feel like to be accepted in the society, you have to be emaciated,” she says, “ I would stand by Cheryl Ladd, Cheryl Tiegs, and Raquel Welch every week, and I thought I looked stupid. I think girls and women do that, comparing our worst to somebody’s best.”

Apparently, her weight loss struggle was not just about losing some pounds. It also had a lot to do with her overall health. Her grandmother, her mother, and her father all died of heart disease, and with her weight, she was showing some signs of it.

“I couldn’t breathe. I recall when I was out preparing for some Christmas tour, and my knees were aching. I was panting every time I crossed the stage”, Marie told Oprah in a 2009 interview. She realized the health risks her weight was posing, and she became determined to change the lifestyle she was leading. On her deathbed, her mother also counseled her, telling her the necessity of taking care of herself so she (Marie) wouldn’t end up like she did (on a deathbed with heart disease).

The change that saw her weight loss success


In 2007, when she was weighing 165 pounds, her son Stephen also began expressing concern about her weight and health. “I needed a change for my kids, and most importantly, I had to do it for me, out of self-love. I started seeing dieting as controlling and abusive. My entire attitude changed, I just needed to be healthy,” Marie says.

She began improving her habits, taking long walks and choosing her foods carefully. She eventually joined a Nutrisystem plan. She says she decided to join Nutrisystem because it is not only heart-healthy, but it is also private. She didn’t want the attention. “I did not want to begin weighing-in before somebody. Nutrisystem was stress-free, no measuring things, no weighing things.”

Marie reports that her primary goal for signing on with Nutrisystem was to get healthy. Her secondary goal was to achieve a smaller waistline, and fortunately, she managed to hit both with the help of Nutrisystem within just four months. “It took me 8 years to put on that weight, and 4 months to shed it off,” Marie explains. She had lost 50 pounds within the four months.

Marie explains that before joining Nutrisystem, she did not feel good about herself. Her joints hurt and her confidence went down. Being a single mother trying to manage her career while also taking care of her family, it was easy to put on weight. She says, “Nutrisystem showed me how to eat healthy so that my body would love me back.” Marie still eats her favorite foods like chocolate and pasta, only she controls her portions and takes smaller meals throughout the day (up to six small portions a day). “I don’t run desperately to get a candy bar,” she says.

When the Nutrisystem executives learned that Marie was using their weight loss plan, they approached her and asked if she would like to endorse the product. She accepted and currently, she is featured in the company’s new advertisement campaign dubbed Lean 13 that promises clients that they will lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in one month. She has now been Nutrisystem’s spokesperson for ten years featuring in the company’s ads that also include celebrities like Dan Marino, former Miami Dolphins’ Quarterback, and Mellissa Joan Hart, who also lost over forty pounds of weight on Nutrisystem.

My family is proud of me

Marie Osmond says her family is proud of her because of the lifestyle changes she made that saw her successfully lose a lot of weight. She says she received compliments from her family members including her son and 19-year-old daughter. As a result, the singer says she is now a happier mom, and she could not be more satisfied with the results Nutrisystem offered her. “I finally did a great for my family and myself,” she says.

There have been other celebrities working with Nutrisystem who have also shared their success stories, but Marie Osmond’s story is a huge success that should motivate you to keep following your weight loss goals.

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