Heather and Joel Lost Weight Together on the Nutrisystem Family Diet Plan

Heather and Joel are a married coupled that embarked on an amazing weight loss journey. They had the courage to begin taking the Nutrisystem diet together. I watched as they smiled and talked about their new venture wondering what it would be like to do something like that. There are so many factors involved in dieting. Their success would be a great achievement. They would look better. They’d be happier and their relationship would grow as they worked on themselves. It’s a beautiful thing. They didn’t start out at the same time but they would still be embarking on their journey together.

Heather and Joel began the Nutrisystem diet so they could look like they did when they were married. Joel in fact wanted to be little bit skinnier than he was on his wedding. It would be a huge improvement and a challenging task but they would be there for each other the whole way. They had the support of one another and the rest of their family. Their children knew their parents would successful.

Heather and Joel created a blog so they could document their progress. Every Friday they would do a weigh in and document how they felt and how much weight they lost. That way, they could record their progress and share it with the world. I think this is a wonderful way to show the world that anyone can lose weight. It makes the couple seem more relatable and their goals more attainable.

Heather had been on Nutrisystem for five weeks when she made her first vlog. In her second video, she had been on Nutrisystem for nine weeks and she’d lost 20 pounds. She felt better. She was more invigorated and you could see the vitality flowing through her. She was able to do things she hadn’t been able to do before. She was practicing yoga and exercising with her children. It looked as though she had returned to life. Heather had moved past her hunger cravings and that was a serious step. By the way, here is a  special Nutrisystem coupon.

Heather told a story that really gave me hope in her third video. Everyone knows what it’s like to feel the shame of exposing your body when you have weight issues. People have ways of dealing with it. They cover up their thighs with skirts and cloth. They wear things over their arms. But most people simply avoid the pool and the degrading experience of having to swim in front of others. After 29 weeks of weight loss, thanks to Nutrisystem, Heather went on a trip to Galveston Texas. She seemed worried about going swimming. Every person with weight issues has trouble with it. They don’t want others to see the source of their shame. But Heather was able to go swimming without having to cover her body. She seemed invigorated by the experience. She had no problem showing off and she really loved it.

Their story is an inspiration to everyone that deals with weight issues. To be able to see them is very empowering. Joel and Heather is a couple you can relate to. It makes you feel like you can succeed your own weight loss journey. The idea that they could do this by just eating healthy on Nutrisystem, opens others up to a world of possibilities.