About Me

Hi, I am Beatrice, I am 26, and I run Bestiews.com. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I am glad you found my little corner on the web. 

Bestiews is a site where I review various products. When I started Bestiews.com I wanted to have fun with this, and decided I would use it as a creative outlet for my prolific writing.  I enjoy writing reviews  of new products. I love to share crafts and recipes along with stories about travel, fitness, and awesome products.

My goal is to make Bestiews a robust resource that provides information about popular products and services. Readers will have access to easy-to-follow guides and will be able to ask questions and get expert, free advice. For every product I mention in this blog,  I have done a lot of research so that you quickly learn the pros and cons of that product.

Contact me at Beatrice@bestiews.com with your questions and inquiries.